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Contouring Bundles

Our bodies are our temple, and our goals are met with two different methods, contouring and weight loss and we can help with both. At Natural Enhancement Day Spa, we offer a variety of contouring bundles that we tailor to the need of each N.E.D.S clients. We understand that all bodies are different and it's no one program for everyone. Look below and select the program that's best for you or select "Conturist Customization."

If No-One Told You I Believe You Today, We Believe In You."

Underwear Models
Fupa You're Not Wanted
60 Minute Appt
  • 8 Fat Breakdown sessions

  • 8 Wood Therapy sessions

  • 10 Fupa Cavitation sessions

  • 10 Skin Tightening sessions

  • 3 Abdomen Detox flushes

Customized by Conturist 
90 Minutes Appt
  • Consultation

  • Treatment Plan

  • Exercise Plan

  • Meal Plan

  • Customized Contouring sessions up to  30 sessions

Woman's Torso Lying
Summer Body Loading

90 Minute Appt

  • 14 Body cavitation sessions

  • 14 skin tightening sessions

  • 14 Laser Lipo sessions

  • 4 Body Wraps

  • Weekly appointments


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